Kinnickinnic River on Google Maps

Kinnickinnic River interactive map for KRLT Web site

I finally finished a little project I’ve been working on for too long. A while ago, I launched the new Web site for the Kinnickinnic River Land Trust, a great conservation group working to protect the Kinni, a great trout river.

The new interactive map is my favorite part of the site. Using Google Maps embedded on the site, visitors can see all the many public access points, with photos and additional information available for each site. If I may say so, it seems like just the kind of thing that an environmental non-profit should use this sort of technology to do.

The map will also hopefully serve as a proof-of-concept for use on some future projects, including one on the horizon that will be used to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Wild and Scenic Rivers act and my beloved St. Croix’s place as one of the inaugural eight rivers protected as part of the Act. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, go find an access point to explore when the icy weather loosens its grip.

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