Recent Twitter updates (2010-01-08)

  • Lola has the ice fever! #
  • Drinking tea and honey, making spaghetti, listening to Levon Helm, thinking about George Plimpton. The sun is setting out the front window. #
  • Hoping this means that my city might soon lose the moniker the "most dysfunctional city in Minnesota" #
  • "I went up this girl at a party and was like 'whatever.'' – comic at Acme Comedy Club open mic night #
  • Han Shan, truly the first and number one dharma bum. "I'll sleep by the creek and purify my ears." #
  • The Cold Man and the Sea, As I Lay Freezing, The Zen of Starting Your Car When It's 10 below #MinnesotaColdWeatherBookTitles #
  • Screwed up one of my #MinnesotaColdWeatherBookTitles earlier. Been out of it today. Zen and the Art of Starting Your Car When It's 10 below #
  • Sad that @mayorcoleman got the state tree wrong in his inauguration speech, but White Pines are indeed awesome. #
  • Review and photos by @sharalds from excellent Retribution Gospel Choir show at 501 Club that we attended: #
  • If the Nat'l Park Service won't post their own St. Croix River film online, I will. #
  • Why do only white people get identified in this photo about the Mpls triple murder? #

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