Dragonflies and amphibians

Spring showers brought out life today in leaf, insect and frog form.

It rained this afternoon and evening. Of course it started about halfway through the Twins’ second-ever baseball game in the new–roofless–Target Field. The game went on, and the Twins lost to the Red Sox.

More than any previous showers yet this spring, this rain brought the green. The trees had all been mostly budded out in the past couple days, and this rain made everything explode. It smelled like life as I drove home from work; I put the window all the way down and almost found myself sticking my head out a little bit to get my nose in the breeze.

It hasn’t rained for several hours but it is still damp out, a humidity seeming to have remained. Katie said she saw a dragonfly when she took Lola for a walk earlier.

When I took the dog out just now, there was a big frog (or toad? anybody? class?) sitting on our front steps. It was bigger and prettier than any I’ve seen around here in a while. He was on the first step and looking up at the next two toward the door. Not sure where he thought he was going. I got Katie and she helped me take some photos.

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