Recent Twitter updates (2010-04-02)

  • "…if you appreciate days and nights passed outdoors in the spring, when at night while watching the…" #
  • "We too often think of our national parks as postcards, still shots of beautiful scenery, unchanged and…" #
  • "Then I gave the direction even more forcefully. ‘It is easy, and you are doing this beautifully and…" #
  • Lake Phalen is ice-free this morning. #
  • Photo: A celebration of writing revisions, and of Obama’s speech-writing process. He only makes it look easy…. #
  • "The interest here is the visual component – we got to see most takes. In one instance I put the…" #
  • Photo: On the road looking for sandhill cranes – Outdoors with Sam Cook #
  • "It is certainly the most intelligent, philosophical and poetic film I can imagine that involves five…" #
  • A friend said he wanted to die either fighting a grizzly or skiing. Another friend said he wanted die fighting a shark or playing mini-golf. #
  • "On May 3, filmmaker, newspaperman, financier and longtime SFFS supporter William Hearst III premieres…" #
  • Video: Exclaim! TV: Spookey Ruben’s Dizzy Playground: The Adventures of Spaghetti Cowboy (feat. Feist) #
  • Your life in just six words: ArtReach St. Croix plans event featuring six-word memoirs from area residents -… #
  • "A literature grounded in the natural world, as alive as the world beyond the pages —narratives that…" #
  • "The sick bastard starts the set shirtless, stalking, stalking, and goes to the mic and lets this voice…" #

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