St. Croix River Week coming this July

St. Croix River Awareness Week has been scheduled for July 17-25. How can we celebrate the river and help protect it for future generations?

A canoe rests on the shore of a narrow island
July, upper St. Croix River
“The assaults on the St. Croix watershed by development, run-off and loss of habitat, put at risk the river we protected 40 years ago. Without a renewed commitment, we could lose the most unique Wild and Scenic River in the nation. Our challenge is to act.”

– Walter F. Mondale

I received the following information from the St. Croix River Association about a big effort they are organizing this summer. Read through it and then please consider my questions below about how the online community might participate! Leave your ideas in the comments.

The St. Croix River Association is coordinating a 2010 St. Croix River Awareness Week, July 17-25, 2010.

The goal is to provide members of the St. Croix River Association and the community at large opportunities to engage cooperatively in intergenerational service projects for the sake of building a strong community of watershed stewards and restoring the health and beauty of the St. Croix River and its watershed. We hope to reach into every tributary.

Objectives are to:

  • Inspire stewardship action through role modeling
  • Offer hands-on participatory projects where people of all ages can feel empowered to take action and ‘make a difference’
  • Raise awareness of the state of the river and the watershed from source to mouth of the St. Croix River
  • Teach best practices for healthy water quality
  • Build awareness of how our actions on the land affect watershed health and the scenic quality of the Riverway
  • Educate people about efforts to monitor, inventory, and scientifically study the river and its environs
  • Celebrate the natural environment

You are invited to develop an event for your organization and yourself. Let the River Association know about it and we will publish it on our website and in our media releases.

I’d love to see the folks of the St. Croix River Facebook page, this blog, and other online communities come together dynamically and do something to participate in this effort. Let’s hear your ideas in the comments!

It’s important to note that a river is a narrow ribbon of water moving across the landscape, but it is so much more. It is also the vast tracts of land containing the streams, ponds, lakes, wetlands, springs, and other watery elements that ultimately join the river’s flow. This interactive map of the St. Croix River basin might be useful in thinking about the whole watershed:

View View larger map

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I’ll start the brainstorming… For purely virtual ideas, I would love to see everyone who loves the river post about it in their Facebook status, Twitter, or write a blog post about it that week. What about an online photo/writing contest?

For actually getting on the river, simply organizing a canoe trip would be lots of fun. To consider that there are lots of folks who love the river who don’t canoe, but rather enjoy it on their boats, primarily on the lower river, maybe some parallel events. It would be great to incorporate trash pick-up, water quality sampling, something of the sort in the trip.

That’s just a couple things that leap to my mind. What else?

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