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Submit your writing to a new chapbook I’m editing and the Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness is publishing.

Firegrate Review logoThose who know me and know my work probably weren’t surprised when the Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness announced that we’ll be publishing a chapbook this fall. It’s a special project of mine and I would love it if some of my BWCAW-loving readers sent in an essay, poem, or other writing of some sort.

We are seeking submissions from anyone who loves canoe country. Unfortunately, we don’t have the funds to offer monetary awards this year, but I hope writers might see it as a way of supporting a worthy cause and a chance to get their words in print in front of an audience of people who care deeply about the Boundary Waters.

The deadline is September 30. Click here for details and to submit your stuff!

Also, Katie and I had a great five-day trip to the Boundary Waters over Labor Day weekend. We took a lot of photos and I really do want to post a full trip report with pictures… But I have a feeling that’s going to take a while. Here’s one photo:

Mist and islands on a BWCAW lake.
Morning on South Wilder Lake... which we had all to ourselves. It was a place of intense solitude and roaring silence, quiet save the occasional red squirrel chattering from the woods or crow caw-cawing as it flew across the water. We were more than a mile from the nearest human, and about 10 miles of paddling and several portages from the nearest road.

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Thanks! Looks like we do, too. I’ve subscribed to your blog, also, and look forward to reading along.

Are you considering submitting something to “The Firegrate Review?” It’s a great way to support a group that works to protect the Boundary Waters!

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