“Paddle North”

Paddle North coverFor those who love traveling the Boundary Waters region by paddle and portage, the new book titled “Paddle North: Canoeing the Boundary Waters-Quetico Wilderness” from photographer Layne Kennedy and writer Greg Breining from the Minnesota Historical Society Press should be of great interest. I wouldn’t normally engage in such promotion on this site, but I’ve already gladly lent my name to the endeavor, with a short endorsement that appears on the back cover of the book.

“In Paddle North, Greg Breining and Layne Kennedy have captured the beauty, solitude, and challenges of canoe country. They bring to the reader the essence of Quetico-Superior wilderness and remind us of why we go there. Contained in these pages are the roaring silence, the wild lakes, the rewards of canoe travel, and the unique, lifelong memories with friends and family that only a wilderness canoe trip can bring. – Greg Seitz, Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness”

One thing people have appreciated about the book so far is that it isn’t just pretty pictures of the scenery (though there’s plenty of those photos, too). There are the muddy portages, the massive wildfires, filtering water, camp kitchens, and the other elements which are just as defining of Boundary Waters travel, but not photographed (and published) as often as the sunsets, cliffs, morning mist, and the such. It’s a wonderful mix between documentary and scenic photography.

Buy a copy via this link, if you’re so inclined, and I’ll get a small cut.

Muddy BWCAW feet

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