First trip on the ice

We just took a little sojourn out onto Lake Phalen with Lola. It was bright and sunny but only a couple degrees above zero — and temperatures are supposed to keep falling pretty drastically. Surprisingly, there wasn’t anybody out fishing.

Here’s a little video I shot with my brand new fancy phone of Lola running around out there:

She loves the ice, though right now there is only an inch of snow over slick ice and she was having trouble running at top speed without her back legs going out from under her.

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I’m sincerely sorry to disappoint, but they won’t be going anywhere soon.

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Aside from not including any ads, I’m open to suggestions on ways to accomplish my twin goals of providing informative, enjoyable content while hopefully making a buck. In other words, if you can think of ways to make the ads less offensive, I’m all ears.

But, let’s be honest, you’re really disappointed that this was kind of a lame post. Frankly, I was trying to test both the video-recording and blog-posting capabilities of my new phone. Not sure this really met the standards for my usual posting.

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