“Between snow and sun”

A haiku about fishing, fruit and spring garners me a t-shirt.

Early spring fishingSpring morning fishing
Orange for lunch on the bank
Between snow and sun

Those seventeen syllables won me a new t-shirt! Yes, I’m the proud winner of the FruitShare haiku contest. The Marine on St. Croix-based organic fruit delivery business recently sponsored the contest, requiring only that participants choose a currently-available fruit from their inventory and write a haiku about it.

At the risk of completely undermining the brevity of the piece, I will say that it is based in some of my favorite moments. I have always liked bringing an orange with me fishing, because it’s often hard to bring enough water along in an already-heavy fishing vest. A juicy orange can really quench the thirst you get when standing in a cold, flowing river all day. I’m also still pleased with how the last line refers back to the first, as spring is “between snow and sun.”

There were several good submissions. You can see them all here. One of my favorites was from Pam McClanahan, a friend from the Minnesota Historical Society Press:

Kumquat, small and bright,
I’ll be full of luck tonight
with you, full of light.

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Congratulations! Those words really create a vivid image. By the way I clicked over to FruitShare and realized the founder, Everett Myers, is a college classmate of mine. “Small world” moment of the day.

Congratulations on your winning haiku! I really do like the imagery, especially visualizing the orange as a blazing sun.

You really ought to enter the Roadside Poetry competition. See The winner gets his/her 4-line poem posted on four billboards (Burma Shave style) for a season along a roadway near Fergus Falls.

The spring poem has been selected and the group will soon be accepting submissions for the summer poem.

Thanks both! Deb, that’s wild about you knowing Everett. I actually met him this winter at the William O’Brien Ski Race. MPR, thanks for stopping by and the heads-up about the contest. I hadn’t even thought of the orange/sun visual, but that’s one of my favorite things, when I discover unintended aspects of my own words.

“Everyday, look at great art, listen to beautiful music, go fly fishing and read a Haiku poem.” I might have tweaked that a little but someone, somewhere said something like that. Thanks Mr. Seitz for helping with today’s aesthetic obligations. Nice work. Corey

Thanks! If my poem evoked a moment, it was probably because it contained a few traditional themes of haiku: nature, seasonal observation, and specific images. Those are obviously favorite topics of mine in everything I write, which is why I so enjoy writing the occasional haiku.

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