Stanzas and strawberries

My recent haiku contest win garners me a spot as a guest judge. Submit your best fruit-themed poem for a chance to win!

FruitShare logoRemember when a few weeks ago I won that haiku contest? Not only did I get a free t-shirt, but now I’ve been given the opportunity to serve as guest judge for FruitShare’s latest poetry contest!

FruitShare is made up of some nice people in the St. Croix River valley trying to promote organic fruit that you can get delivered to your doorstep all year long. The contest seeks short poems–though not necessarily haiku–with a focus on fruit:

This time around, we’re changing up the rules a little. Instead of requiring a haiku, you are free to write any kind of poem, as long as it is 10 lines or under. Choose your favorite fruit or two from our Currently Shipping tab, and start writing. Submit your completed poem as a comment to this post, or send it to to be posted. Poems are due by May 10th, so the judges have time to review them and announce the winner in time for May 12 – National Limerick Day!

I hope you, reader, will give the contest a shot. It’s just a fun little way to celebrate poetry and healthy, tasty fruit. I look forward to judging you!

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