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Snake River Canoe Race 2014

High water, happy friends. Days of downpour the week before caused extraordinarily high water (7′) and dire warnings from race organizers. We went anyway.

Katie and I paddled it together for the first time this year. We navigated haystacks “by consensus,” paddled as steadily as we could, and finished in under three hours.

Gabe and Darrick took the gold in the citizen non-aluminum class again. And once again, the only “citizens” who were faster were two guys in the 130+ combined age class, in an aluminum canoe. Turns out these men have also competed in the Yukon 1000 — 10 or so days of paddling 18 hours a day. Never underestimate wisdom, technique, and “old man strength.”

Wade and Audrey and Slim and Nel paddled well, too, and everyone made it down the 15 miles of river without swimming – which is more than could be said for a few of our fellow paddlers.

Falling on my birthday this year, we spent the weekend at a cabin in Mora on Fish Lake. Decorated in garage sale crap, a little shabby, very quiet and comfortable.

We’ll do it again every year we can.

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