New St. Croix River book

I’ve been slowly working my way through James Taylor Dunn’s exhaustive history of  my favorite river, dubbed “The St. Croix: Midwest Border River” (orginally published in 1965 and revised in 1979). It’s a fun read, though he chooses some strange topics for in-depth focus, sometimes, and it’s inevitably a bit outdated.

Now, I see that there’s a new history of the river coming out in October: “North Woods River: The St. Croix River in Upper Midwest History.” Could be good!

There’s a reading by the authors at Magers & Quinn Bookstore in Minneapolis on September 26. Of course, I can’t go, I’ll be paddling the Mississippi River that day.


Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-11

  • RT @dbrauer: Barack Obama definitely first black man to get attacked by the right for telling kids to work hard and stay in school. #
  • Is heading to the farmers market for probably the last time this year. #
  • The earth is enough #
  • They really should never turn the lights up at the Maplewood cheap theater. It's like finding a seat in a warehouse. A very dirty warehouse. #
  • Also, there's a woman in a surgical mask. Protection against H1N1 or the petri dish floor? #
  • "God's love on a stick: Christ on the cross. Enjoy the State Fair." #churchsigns #
  • Celebrating Labor Day in the sunny St Croix valley. It finally feels like summer… #
  • Little piece of paradise: #
  • Brats over the beach fire #
  • See ya next year, summer. #
  • Bonnie 'Prince' Billy + Dance Dance Revolution: #
  • Awfully tired of American politics. Thankfully, the crickets sing on this evening… #
  • Saw the space station and shuttle racing across the sky over Burntside Lake. #
  • Northwoods barrel sauna: #
  • Paddled 10 miles and did a 230 rod portage with an 85 lb aluminum canoe today. Such things make Summit taste even better. #

River friends


Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-04

  • "Men who stare at goats" looks potentially great. And like someone idolizes the Coens. #
  • Pronto pup, deep-fried pickles, summit beer flight, native pride dancers, fish pond. #
  • sunsey at the #mnstatefair #
  • soft pretzel, popcorn, band doing ac/dc to sublime, piglets, calves, pork chop, french fries, sky ride, trombone band, air hockey. #
  • also, more summit. #
  • No words for anger about Obama school webcast "issue." He's the President and a great role model with an important message for students. #
  • taking guesses on how much $ in my change jar. I say $86, katie sez $102. what say you? cashing on way home at 430. #

The Men Who Stare At Goats

Seriously, this isn’t Coen brothers?