Writer, river bum. Freelance communicator and correspondent. Curious about science, conservation, and life.

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Proud Moments

  • 14839242676_e94b499fbe_o

    Miles Paddled: The Eau Claire River

    Paddling the St. Croix River's northernmost tributary, addressing its history, conservation issues, and tips for other paddlers.

  • Esker - Volume 2 - Nowhere Else But Here


    Two volumes of self-published chapbooks.

  • NHAI_Logo_Water_Graphic

    The Heritage Initiative

    Writing, social media, and other communications support for an effort to establish a National Heritage Area in the St. Croix River region.

  • sun-tree1

    The Right to Remain Silent

    An evening paddle interrupted by the distant roar of motorcycles.

  • jm27_sharp_tailed_grouse_namekagon_barrens_garynoren-e1402195267721-670x405

    Sharptail Paradise

    Acquisition will preserve habitat for dwindling sharp-tailed grouse.

  • P1060543

    Many Miles Man

    I interviewed Bill Nedderman as he paddled up the St. Croix River on his seemingly never-ending tour of the world by kayak.

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