Listen to the new Yo La Tengo album

Yo La Tengo has always been one of my favorite bands.  I don’t know quite what it is, but there’s an intensity and a sweetness that just works for me. They also put on some pretty awesome live shows (or at least, they did in 2003).

They have a new album coming out. You can listen to the whole thing on until the release date on Sept. 8.

My first impression is that the album could be a bit of a return to form. The albums they put out since 2000’s “And then nothing turned itself inside out” have not really appealed to me. They got sort of “schmaltzy” for lack of a better world, with the wrong kinds of jazz influences and strange singing from Ira Kaplan. Here’s video of them performing one of the new tracks on French television:

As a website commenter somewhere said, it’s nice to know that the Ira Kaplan guitar freakout still lives.

They play First Avenue on Oct. 7.